Product Description :

The powder is the mildest mineral (possessing place 1 in the Mohs hardness scale) known on our planet earth. It is lamellar, platy, organophilic, water repellent with uncommon warm and mechanical properties. It has a high limit with respect to engrossing natural substances. It is likewise corrosive and soluble base safe, synthetically idle and non-lethal. Powder has neither smell nor taste. This makes it an extremely fundamental mineral in our everyday life. 
The powder is a hydrated magnesium silicate [chemical equation is Mg3Si4O10 (OH) 2], otherwise called Steatite. It is the primary part of soapstone. Its precious stones, as a rule, create enormous, verdant totals with laminar particles. 
Its silicate layers lie over each other without having a synthetic bond yet are bound to each other by frail Vander Waals powers. This structure gives powder the platy appearance and its trademark oily or lathery inclination – thus the name "soapstone".

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