Product Description :

Mica is artificially a Potassium Aluminum silicate with a concoction recipe [SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Fe2O3, MgO, CaO, Hg2O]. It is depicted as speedier scattering, climate safe, high degree protection and deviation safe. India is the single biggest wellspring of mica on the planet.  
Mica is a dry sultry powder synthetically latent, insusceptible to climatic varieties, non-poisonous, extreme and water confirmation with incredible against staying property. Mica is exceedingly receptive to the activity of light, warm, and electrical vitality. This makes Mica an exceptionally fundamental mineral in our everyday life. 
It is utilized in paint, elastic, plastics, welding bars, printing materials, dry fire quenchers, oils, oil penetrating, oils, glass and artistic flux. Mica is likewise utilized in enriching coatings on backdrop, solid, stucco, and tile surfaces. It likewise is utilized as a fixing in motion coatings on welding bars, in some exceptional oil, and as coatings for center and shape discharge mixes, confronting operators, and form washes in foundry applications.

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